How can I check if my iPhone is iCloud locked or Not?

We have received many complains regarding scamming iCloud lock status devices from costumers that used to purchase second-hand iPhones from an online stores, so we prepared this post to help you avoid the locked iCould status, before we start explaining just a short brief about iCloud and Find My iPhone features.

iCloud: is a security online storage used to store photos, videos, documents, reminders, and locations it helps you share your data with all your devices which have the same iCloud account.

Find My iPhone: One of the most popular features of the iCloud which gives you the ability to track your device location, activate your lost mode that locks your personal information or mange your data remotely to keeps save from the Malicious scams if it gets stolen.

So if you are checking your second-hand iCloud lock status device go to Settings app —> go to Apple ID if it’s activated you will see the details of the old owner presented access it, scroll down to iCloud —> find my iPhone tell the seller to switch it Off and sign out his account.

If you don’t have the device just get the IMEI number and use our Find my iPhone service you will get a result of two:

  • On : which means that the device is an iCloud activated on it.
  • Off : which means that the device has no iCloud activated and it is save to be used or purchased.