سياسة الاسترجاع

Simple & Straightforward

سيتم رد المبالغ في الحالات التالية:

  • إذا لم نتمكن من التحقق من جهازك لأي سبب من الأسباب، فسيتم رد المبلغ كاملا.
  • If we failed to deliver the service a full refund will be issued.(Or if the order failed to gets unlocked due to delayed More than expected )
  • إذا فشلنا لأي سبب من الأسباب فى فتح قفل الشبكه لجهازك، فسيتم رد المبلغ بالكامل.
  • إذا فشلنا لأي سبب في إلغاء قفل الايكلود iCloud فسيتم رد المبلغ بالكامل.
  • لديك فقط ساعتين بعد تقديم طلبك بفتح الجهاز، لطلب الإلغاء أو إعادة الأموال بعد ذلك لن نتمكن من إيقاف الخدمة حتى نحصل على النتيجة.
  • If you submit an already Unlocked IMEI on an unlock service. (We Check all IMEI before starting the unlock process ) “THEN WE WILL DEDUCT 2.49$”
  • If you sent an incorrect IMEI we will contact you to update us with the correct one, and if there is no reply from your side we will fully refund your payment with then 24 hours reason (no reply invalid IMEI).

ملحوظه: Any order can be delayed this depend on the Service, this situation might be happened in sometime and delay is out of our hands, please don’t worry as if the support team find that the Order is not working correctly on the process status they we will cancel it and refund the amount please don’t worry about your payment if we failed to unlock we will refund the amount.

لن يتم رد المبالغ في الحالات التالية:

  • If we sent you the check report with a clear check status.
  • If we unlocked your IMEI Locked on a carrier with 100% Success Rate.
  • If we unlocked your iCloud IMEI with 100% Success Rate.
  • If you submitted an incorrect IMEI and we have already started the check process as we are not able to stop the process until we get the result (ALL The Check Services Are Automated ).
  • لا يمكننا رد المبلغ / إلغاء الطلب / إيقاف أي طلب بمجرد بدء مرحلة المعالجة حتى نحصل على نتيجة لذلك يرجى التأكد من الايمىIMEI.

Deduction Status cases:

  • If you submit an already Unlocked IMEI “THEN WE WILL DEDUCT 2.49$” and refund the rest
  • If You submitted wrong Carrier IMEI “THEN WE WILL DEDUCT 2.49$” and refund the rest

Ask Before Complain:

Our Support team are ready for any question you can easily ask for any thing regarding the Order on Support@imeicheck.co no need to complain, just contact them we receive every month thousands for Questions so no need to worry we will help you “We are here to help you 😀”