How To Unlock iPhone

iPhone Unlocking allows you to switch between different carriers.

If you purchased a pre-owned/used iPhone at a very good price from eBay, it might be a Locked iPhone, and you won’t know it until you travel to another country, or change the SIM.

In this article, we will help you to check whether your device is a Locked or Unlocked, and if it was a Locked, we will tell you how to Unlock it?, using a Free & Paid service.

How To Check Your iPhone?

There are two ways to know if you have a Locked iPhone or not:

  • Free iPhone IMEI Check Service: If you have another SIM with a different network, remove your current SIM and use the other SIM. If you get the “SIM Not Supported” message, it means you have a Locked iPhone. To know which carrier, you need to use the Paid Service! 👇
  • Paid iPhone IMEI Check Service: It’s one of the most popular IMEI Check services used to give you fully lock details, as your device is locked on which carrier. In addition to Warranty Status, Purchase Date, Telephone Technical Support Status, Repairs and Service Expiration Date and much more information about your iPhone. Here’s a sample 👇

الموديل: IPHONE 11 PRO 256GB SILVER CELLULAR [A2160] [IPHONE12,3]
رقم الايمى: 353000000000370
Serial Number: C39ZD5C6N6XT
تاريخ الشراء: 2019-10-02
Activation Status: Activated
Warranty Status: Apple Limited Warranty
Telephone Technical Support: Active
Technical Support Expiration Date: 2019-12-31
Technical Support Expires In: (85) Days
Repairs and Service Coverage: Active
Repairs and Service Expiration Date: 2020-10-01
Repairs and Service Expires In: (360) Days
Coverage End Date: 2020-10-01
Valid Purchase Date: Yes
AppleCare Eligible: Yes
مسجل:-: Yes
مستبدل:-: No
Loaner: No
فحص Find My iPhone: OFF
الشبكة: (US T-Mobile Locked Activation Policy)
SIMLock Status: Locked

How to Unlock iPhone For Free?

The first step to Unlock your iPhone is to know the Locked Carrier. Now, we need to Unlock your SIM Locked iPhone:

  1. Contact your iPhone Locked Carrier/Network/GSM and request for unlocking.
  2. Most carriers require that your account should be in good standing, your iPhone isn’t reported as stolen, and you purchased it from that carrier.
  3. The unlocking process will take some days (Much longer than Paid 3rd-party Service).
  4. Once the carrier unlocks your device, they will send you an Unlocking Message to confirm the unlocking status.

Now it’s your turn to do the following:

  1. Remove your old SIM, insert your new SIM and set up your device again.
  2. If you don’t have a new SIM, just Reset your device but keep your data Safe and Backup it.
  3. Or use our فحص ايمى الايفون service, to confirm that your device 100% unlocked.

What if your carrier rejected your unlock request? That’s okay, we still have a way using a third-party service to unlock your device! 👇

How to Unlock your iPhone Using a third-party?

imeicheck.co will help you unlock your device remotely with only your رقم الايمى just follow the instruction below

iPhone Unlock Service with IMEI Check

  • Choose Your iPhone Model و الشبكة you want to unlock

Note: please make sure that you choose the same Carrier your IMEI is Locked on, better to use iPhone IMEI Check service

Choose your Model & Locked Carrier

  • After choosing the iPhone Model and Carrier some info will be displayed please read it well.

Example: “Delivery Time: 5 – 10 Business Days“, “Price: 25$“, what kind of IMEIs should be submitted as the screenshot below 👇.

Get detailed Price & Delivery Time & Conditions after selecting your Model & Locked Carrier

  • After reading the instructions, write your 15 digit IMEI number without any white spaces like the screenshot below 👇.

Write your IMEI Number

After that; Complete your order, and once we unlock your device, we will email you, and give you some instructions to use another SIM. During that time, you can اتصل بنا if you have any questions, we are here to help you!

لماذا أحتاج لإلغاء قفل شبكة الايفون؟

In fact, there are many benefits to unlock your SIM Lock Device, here are some of them:

  • No more contracts.
  • The value of your device will increase after the unlock by about 30%.
  • يمكنك تحديث جهازك بالكامل دون الخوف من قفل الشبكة مرة أخرى.
  • Fully control and freedom of choice to select your preferred carrier.
  • Save money. You might find a better subscription plan with another Network GSM!

Locked iPhone might be cheaper, but it comes with some limitations. The choice is yours, but if you have one of those SIM Locked iPhones, we are here to help you Unlock it! 👋

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