Hoe controleer je iCloud op de iPhone?

Are you planning to purchase a second-hand iPhone?  if yes…!
Please take care, you need to take some precaution steps to avoid wasting your money so it’s important to check whether the device that you are willing to purchase has an iCloud Activated on it or not, to do that just follow the steps below:

Note 1: The following steps are only working if the device is in your hands.

How To Check iCloud Status?

  1. Open your Setting App.
  2. Below the setting title if you find the words ‘sign in to your iPhone‘ this means that this device has no iCloud activated on it
  3. Other than that (like any name for example “Apple ID”) this means that the device has an iCloud activated on it.
  4. So access that “Apple ID” and scroll down to the “iCloud” -> button tap on it.
  5. Scroll down until you get the “Find My iPhone” button.
  6. Tell the seller to turn it OFF to avoid iCloud activation Lock.
  7. Scroll up to the top left corner tap on the <- Apple ID
  8. Scroll down to the Sign Out button tell the seller to sign out his device

Note 2: but if the device is from an online store so you need to get the IMEI number and use our Mein iPhone suchen service to make sure that there is an iCloud activated or not