Hoe controleer ik de iCloud-status?

iCloud status divided into two parts

  • You have to check whether your device is having an iCloud Activated on it or not (you can just use the Find my iPhone service ) if yes.
  • You have to make sure that the iCloud Activation lock is having a clean or lost status using the iCloud status check.

The iCloud Status could be Clean or Lost / Erased if its clean don’t worry we still have a way to unlock it we support all iPhone / iPad / Apple Watch Models, but if Lost / Erased keep in mind that removing the activation lock is too costly so it’s better to stay away from that device.

Using the iCloud Check Service is very useful if you willing to purchase a second hand device as if you get a lost iCloud iPhone device you stuck as its unlock is too costly, but if its clean you can easily calculate your iCloud Unlock Price so the service is very helpful to save you money before wasting it on a useless device

How do I check iCloud status