How To Reset iPhone 11

A simple hard Reset will be helpful, if your iPhone 11 starts struggling 😫 😤 from freezes, lockups 🚫, touch not responding, its really common issues no need to go to a repair shop you can do that by your self.

reset iphone 11

How To Reset iPhone 11

Note: This tutorial guide below will not affect your iPhone 11 data, its safe there no need to worry about, it’s just a simple reboots, to fix non responding touch, black screen and freezing display and most of the common issues.

1- Press Volume up from the left hand side and let it go.

volume up

Follow the first step with the second directly.

2- Press volume Down from the left hand side and let it go.

Volume Down

Follow The two steps with the third below

3- Press and hold the side button “Power Button” from the right hand side until the Apple logo appears then release.

The third Step will take about seconds until you see the Apple logo then the device will start its reboots.

If your device still not responding to the above steps 👆 just plug your charger on your iPhone and let it for about an hour (Apple Support).

This tutorial made for iPhone 11, you can check our step by step guide here for other models, if you have any question just contact us we will reply your request within 24 hours .