Reset iPhone

If you an old iPhone User I think you largely know how to factory reset iPhone? when your iPhone starts badly behaving which is rare but in case it happened, the best option is to Reset your iPhone/iPad, It’s not only the case but if you planning to sell your iPhone /iPad or taking it to the repair center you should factory reset it, to delete your accounts and remove your Apple ID, and private data.

But before taking the decision take care of your data keep it safe and BackUp it, but what if the problem back again after recovering the backup from iCloud, that situation means that the backup itself is the source of the trouble so it better to start downloading your apps manually and stay away from the backup to get your problem fixed.

BackUp Your Data First

Before you go any further keep your data safe and BackUp it, Make sure that you have the correct Apple ID Username and Password as this will be the only key to your data restored on your iCloud account, also Make sure you have a Ready internet source and start the following steps.

How Do I Factory Reset My iPhone or iPad?

Update: This Guide is for all  iPhone / iPad devices that Support iOS 12 / iOS 13 /iOS 14  

  • 1: Go to Setting app –> Apple ID –> iCloud –> Find My iPhone.
  • 2: Switch OFF Your Find My iPhone this action required Your Apple ID.

Reset iPhone

  • 3: go to the Settings app –> General.
  • 4: Scroll down until you find Reset.
  • 5: Tap on Erase All Content and Settings

Reset iPhone

  • 6: You will get a popup screen to enter your passcode, Enter Your PassCode
  • 7: You will get another popup screen with the message below to confirm the action, Tap on Erase iPhone.

“This will delete all media and data, and reset all settings 

  • 8: you will get other screen with the message below to also confirm your action, Tap on Erase iPhone.

Are you sure you want to continue? All Media, data, and settings will be erased. this cannot be undone 

  • 9: You may need to enter your Apple ID if you sign in, Congratulation you did it don’t worry it will take some mins.

Update: iOS 14 Users

After the device resters you will have the Option To Set up Your iPhone as New or Restore its from the backup it get your old data

How To Factory Reset iPhone & iPad on iOS 15?

Note: This Guide is for all  iPhone/ iPad devices that Support iOS 15  

This guide has been tested on iOS 13 devices:

  1. Go to Setting app –> Your Apple ID  –> Scroll Down until Sign Out.
  2. Enter Your Password for Your Apple ID
  3. Turn OFF your Apple ID from the top right hand Corner
  4. A popup screen will appear asking “Keep a Copy of Your Data On This iPhone?” Its your turn to choose if you want to keep a copy from your Contacts, Heath, KeyChain or Safari just turn on the toggle. Now your iCloud has been removed completely

Now How To Factory reset 

  1. Go to General From Your Settings
  2. Then Transfer or Reset iPhone
  3. Then Erase All Content and Settings you will see a screen Confirming with you that your choice will Erase all you data the just Press Continue
  4. The Other message will appear just also press “Erase iPhone”

Factory reset iPhone

Now the Phone is ready to be reused with a new person completely Safe