Hoe weet ik of de iPhone origineel of gekloond is?

Het is niet eenvoudig om het verschil tussen de originele en gekloonde iPhone te identificeren, omdat deze slimmer en vaardiger wordt waardoor de identificatie te moeilijk is, onze gids is om u te helpen het verschil te achterhalen en of uw iPhone authentiek is of slechts een gekloonde.

Clone iPhones is een smartphone die eruitziet als een iPhone, maar niet is vervaardigd door het bedrijf Apple en wordt verkocht voor goedkope prijzen, met een stijlvol uniek ontwerp en enkele basistoepassingen. Wat het goedkoop maakte in vergelijking met de originele iPhone, is omdat de materialen van mindere kwaliteit zijn in resistance or technology.

terwijl we googelen om het verschil tussen de echte iPhone en het kloonapparaat te controleren, vinden we een van de meest gestelde vragen op forums, waarom doet Apple niets aan mensen die klonen iPhone verkopen?

Clone iPhone 11 Pro imeicheck

Waarom doet Apple niets tegen mensen die klonen iPhone verkopen?

Het probleem zit hem niet in het sluiten van de kloon-iPhone-markt als je een verkoper in de gevangenis stopt, de tweede dag zal een nieuwe zijn plaats innemen, een lus zonder einde.

Het echte probleem zit in het proces, of de wet die de makers van valse telefoons toestaat, dat de meeste van hen uit China komen omdat hun regering dit soort handel ondersteunt, en als je probeert een zaak in te dienen, zal het nutteloos zijn omdat je proberen een systeem te bestrijden precies zoals een krijger die tegen een leger vecht.

One our Customer review after he got scammed from an unknown reseller by a cloned iPhone 12, he said that the device was looking very good from out side, but after he switched ON the device and starts its journey, he find that the device software is not belong to iOS at all, its an Android software, the device speed is too slow compared to any iPhone speed, it has a very bad and blurry quality Camera, its storage is 14 GB although the iPhone 12 has no storage like that at all, its Face ID, Wireless Charging, GPS all are not working, he paid 250$ at this device and got scammed, all the device can do is to call ………..?!!! no more features, so you need to take care

We hebben een beetje gegraven om trucs te verzamelen om je te helpen valse telefoons te bestrijden en te controleren of je apparaat echt of gekloond is.

Controleer de specificatie op de doos: You should see the Serial no., IMEI number, iPhone Model, color and capacity storage labeled on Every iPhone box match them with the device in the box make sure they are the same.

iPhone is Original or Cloned IMEI Check

Go to Settings –> General –> About, scroll down until you get the Serial Number and IMEI or dial *#06# to get the IMEI (For more methods on how to get your IMEI check our post) make sure that the IMEI and the Serial on the box are the same as the one in the device.

Identify Your Model: identify your iPhone model through Apple page

  • Check the screen inch of the device model you have, compare it with the same one on Apple’s website.
  • Check the color does Apple company released that color on that model or not.
  • Make sure that your SIM Tray has an IMEI number match the IMEI number on the device and the one labeled on the box or not.
  • double-check your iPhone Capacity is it released by Apple in this model or not.
  • Check if Apple released dual sim on the model you have or not through Apple’s Page

Compare iPhone models IMEICheck

  • Check the iPhone Size and Weight using the Apple page and compare it to your device.

According to the above requirements, If your phone is different from the confirmed original, it isn’t authentic.

iPhone is Original or Clone, IMEI Check

Use IMEI Check Info: use IMEI Check service to make sure your IMEI number is an authentic IMEI number and the device is original not Cloned but using the service you will get a result like the below one Confirming your Model, Color, Storage, IMEI, Warranty and Sim-lock Status, blacklisted and iCloud Status, Refurbished or Replacement and more

Model Description: IPHONE XR RED 64GB AT&T-USA
Model: iPhone XR 64GB Red A1984 US/Canada
IMEI Number: 356422XXXXXXX
IMEI2 Number: 356422XXXXXXX
MEID Number: 356422XXXXXX
Serial Number: DNPYQXXXXX
Manufacture Date: 22 May 2019
Unit Age: 1 year, 8 months and 18 days
Assembled In: Foxconn Chengdu, China
Activation Status: Activated
Warranty Status: Out Of Warranty
Estimated Purchase Date: 12 Jul 2019
Purchase Country: United States
Telephone Technical Support: Expired
Repairs and Service Coverage: Expired
AppleCare Eligible: No
Valid Purchase Date: Yes
Registered Device: Yes
Active Apple Repair: No
Replaced by Apple: No
Replacement Device: No
Refurbished: No
Demo Unit: No
Obsolete Device: No
Loaner Device: No
Find My iPhone: OFF
Blacklist Status: Blacklisted
Blacklist Records: 1
Blacklisted by: AT&T Mobility
Blacklisted on: 2019-07-23 01:48:53
Blacklisted Country: United States
Next Activation Policy ID: 23
Locked Carrier: US AT&T Activation Policy
Country: United States
SIM-Lock Status: Locked

Check Your IMEI Now: http://iphoneimeicheck.info/

Verify your iPhone serial number: If you get an invalid result from IMEI Check service use Apple coverage Check services and verify your iPhone serial you should get the status of the iPhone model, Serial Number, AppleCare, Purchase Date, Support status, Repair, and Service Coverage status.

IMEI Check to check your IMEI coverage and support

Check The Apple iPhone Coverage and Support IMEI Check

if you didn’t get these details or an invalid serial number or a message like the below one, this is an indicator that your iPhone is not authentic or cloned.

“We’re sorry, but this serial number isn’t valid. Please check your information and try again”

Memory Card Slot: most of the Cloned iPhone devices have a slot for external memory storage, keep in mind that there is no iPhone model whatever new or old have an extra memory storage slot.

Apple Logo: on the back of any iPhone you should see an Apple logo if it’s not there so this is an indicator that your device is not a real device.

Most of the Apple iPhone Logos is positioned on the top third of the back except the iPhone 11 (iPhone 11 / 11 Pro / 11 Pro Max ) which has been shifted to the center in order to show users where to place their wireless charger. Take care most of the Cloned iPhone 11 device is still positioning the Apple Logo on the top third.

When you rub your finger over the logo you will feel a different feeling than any place on the back, the logo is not raised or textured or engraved. (this example is for iPhone 4/5/6/7/8 )

if your iPhone differs from that, this is an indicator that your device is not a real device.

Apple iPhone black Logo IMEICheck

Clock: On the original, iPhone the Clock is Live while on the cloned device the clock is not.

App Store: Cloned devices is not linkable to the App Store so make sure that your device is linked to the App Store, download any app from your App store icon to make sure that it is working well.

Software-update: Try to request a software update from your device as it’s hard to copy this technology if failed this is an indicator that your device is cloned not real.

  • Go to “Settings” App –> “General” –> “Software Update”

Apple-ID: Use your Apple ID and to Login. Cloned devices don’t have the ability to access Apple ID, most of the cloned devices are using an Android system with a themed iOS skin.

  • Go to “Settings” App.
  • Scroll down to “iTunes & App Store” 
  • Add Your Apple ID. If you don’t have, use our step by step guide on how to create Apple ID?

Touch ID: Most of the Cloned iPhone devices don’t have touch id so setting a touch id for your device will help you find out how either if your device is Original or Cloned, follow the steps below if you don’t know have to set up your Touch ID.

  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Scroll down to “Touch ID & Passcode”
  • Enter your “Passcode”
  • Add Your “fingerprint”

FaceID: faceID technology is the most advanced hardware and software that have been created by Apple company, so copying this technology is not easy as you think, most of the clone devices depend on copying the external shape, not its technology or operating system.

The cloned devices will scan your face but when you try to login using the Face ID it will not work

Emergency SOS: Apple introduced a new feature by the release of iOS 12 which is Emergency SOS that gives you the ability to call emergency services after you quickly click the power button, this service is not available or fake in the cloned iPhone devices, it’s only available as a design but not available as a service.

  • Go to “Setting”
  • Scroll down till “Emergency SOS”
  • If it’s not working and the button is not clickable this is an indicator that the device is not real.

3G/4G signals are fake: while googling and digging to cover the cloned iPhone issues we find many reviews from customers who already tried these devices,
Most of them complained about its bad network signals and voice quality as it only supports 2G even though you can see a fake 3G/4G logo in its settings.

Camera: try to check your camera in many lighting conditions Apple real cameras have high quality with a very sharp picture. You can easily detect the camera quality of the Cloned devices it’s so bad compared to the original iPhone check it in many lighting conditions to get the difference. when you check the clone iPhone camera you will feel that you are carrying an old Nokia n70.
iPhone is Original or Cloned camera

Price: The price range of the clone iPhone starts from 85$ to 300$, why this significant? keep in mind that if someone attempts to fool you within these prices please double-check the device this is an indicator that the device is a clone, not a real one.

iPhone is Original or Cloned?

Get a Used iPhone better than owning a clone device:

If you willing to purchase a clone iPhone stay away we know it’s too cheap compared to the real device but it’s worthless it doesn’t have any good features don’t waste your money, it’s better to get a used real iPhone or a good Android device than get a clone useless device we have tried our best to cover our main points of view on the clone iPhone devices to help you detect whether your device is real or clone if you need help just contact us.

 Image Credit: cultofmac, EverythingApplePro