How To Avoid Locked iCloud Devices?

Most of the iPhone users doesn’t know a lot about the iCloud Lock status, that you might be forcedly involved or inherited in, when you bought a used iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch or Apple Watch. That’s why our team took the decision and created a clear overview that might help you avoid buying it, or if you already stuck, we guide you on how to fix this problem.

iCloud Activation Lock and iPhone Carrier Lock are considered as one of the most popular requested services on the Apple Community, we know that this might be frustrating when you bought a used iPhone, iPod touch or Apple Watch, from an online store and pay a lot of bucks for a useless device.

But the Good news is there is a way that can help you Avoid Locked iCloud this issue:

How To Avoid Locked iCloud Activation?

Getting the device from an Online Store

if you are going to purchase the device from an online Store, it will be hard for examination and check it, so the best way is to ask for the IMEI number its 15 digit can be found on Settings ->General -> About -> IMEI once you get it from the Seller.

USE the Find my iPhone Service You will get either of two:

IMEI Number: 353009100000000
Find My iPhone: ON

IMEI Number: 353005100000000
Find My iPhone: OFF ✅

If its OFF so its safe to get the device, if ON stay away the device has an iCloud activated on it, but what if you have the way to unlock the iCloud by a third party so what will be the best choice for that with low risk.

Its better to know, its a big risk to get a locked iCloud activation device, We know that it will be on a very good price might be about 90% discount compared to the used one but you need to know which one will you going to choose.

The iCloud activation lock has the three following messages:

iCloud Lock

  1. This iPhone is currently linked to an Apple ID (j…[email protected]). Sign in with the Apple ID that was used to set up this iPhone ✅
  2. This iPhone was lost and erased. Sign in with the Apple ID that was used to erase this Apple ID ❌
  3. This iPhone was lost and erased. Sign in with the Apple ID that was used to erase this iPhone. (Message From Owner: This iPhone has been lost. Please call me 0000001022010) ❌

How to remove iCloud Activation Lock?

  • Once you noticed that you have the first message before buying the device, talk to the owner, and ask him to sign out of his old Apple ID.
  • If you get stuck make sure that your Apple ID is Clean.

IMEI: 352010000000009
iCloud Status: CLEAN ✅

  • If your iCloud Status is CLEAN use our iCloud-verwijdering service to unlock your iCloud, and remove the iCloud Activation Lock.
  • But if LOST or ERASED, and you still have the decision. Don’t buy it, as its iCloud Unlock fee is too costly.

IMEI: 353010000000007
iCloud Status: Lost Mode On ❌

  • if your device is Lost or Erase with an owner info there is now services can unlock this iCloud with low cost but better also to stay away from any Lost or Stolen device

We highly recommend using both services, before purchasing a used Apple Device

  • IMEI Check Service: to make sure that the device has no iCloud just from the Find My iPhone and also to make sure about its Lock status.
  • iCloud Check: to make sure that your iCloud is Clean like the first message or lost like message “2” or “3”.