How do I know if my iPhone is new or Refurbished?

If you just bought a second hand iPhone or iPad from a seller which confirmed that the device is a brand new and not replaced or refurbished iPhone to make sure we prepared this post to provide you with some important notes confirming this situation.

How To Check Your iPhone / iPad Model?

In order to determine the original status of your iPhone / iPad device we will check the Model using the following steps:

  • Open your “Settings” ⚙️App,
  • Go to “General“,
  • Tap on “About“,
  • Go to the “Model Number” which will look like that “MGA92KH/A“.

Settings Model - imeicheck


Note: if your result is something like this “A1524” just tap on it to get this result  👉”MGA92KH/A

How do I know if my iPhone is New, Refurbished, Replacement or Personalized?

By checking the first character you can easily confirm the above situations.

  • M – This means that the device is a Brand new device, and was purchased new.
  • F – Refurbished means that the iPhone/ iPad was having some broken parts which been replaced with better parts.
  • N – Replacement device, means that the original device was replaced by the other one due to a service request.
  • P – Personalized device with engraving, means that the iPhone/iPad was customized with an engraving on purchase.
  • 3A – this means that your iPhone/ iPad is was a Demo Unit from a Store.

This notes support your decision, as you can get a cheaper device compared to the original one if its refurbished iPhone, once you know that the owner paid a lower price 💰 for it, the notes will help you stay away from the engraved device if you don’t like it, or get it if you make a good deal, it also keeps you avoid the demo unit if you don’t like it, you can also get more details about your device as the warranty statue, Official Locked 🔒Carrier, Replaced or not, telephone 📱technical support status (Expiration date, when will be Expired ), also you will be able to know the the purchased 🧾 date for the device, and if it has an iCloud activated on it or not all of these details by just the IMEI number through the IMEI Check info service.

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